Student Testimonials

My daughter was 8 years old when she first started taking lessons from Cindy Jewart. She will be turning 10 this August. Having an older, very athletic brother, Jenny was always trying to compete with him. As Jenny progressed through her riding lessons, I noticed that her self confidence was growing by leaps and bounds. She was always a strong willed, confident child, but she really starting impressing her brother and the entire family, along with her friends, on her knowledge and ability with horses. The time she spent training with Cindy was a mix of learning, maturing, and growing in confidence and ability that was greatly accelerated by the wonderful and patient teaching style that Cindy possesses. To see this tiny little girl confidently commanding an animal twenty times her size, was incredible. To see the look in her brother's eyes when she described what she had done at that day's lesson, or the feeling of pride and amazement as we watched Jenny compete in the Path Valley Fun shows, was something that truly made for some of the best times and memories our family has ever had.

It was one of the best things my family ever did for my daughter, when we decided to entrust her to Cindy. Cindy is one of the most knowledgeable, firm, and caring Instructor/Trainers that I have ever known. Her dedication to the Equine Sports, and her dedication as a superb teacher, has truly helped my daughter grow, not only as a student of horsemanship, but as a more confident and well grounded young Lady better able to deal with life's challenges. ~ Patrick

I love taking lessons from Cindy. She has taught me SSSSSOOOOOO much. My greatest challenge in horseback riding is gaining confidants and conquering my fears but, I never would be the rider I am today if it was not for Cindy. She has been helping me conquer my fears one step at a time. I started taking lessons from Cindy 4 1/2 years ago she is the best riding instructor anyone could ask for. She taught me everything I know. Cindy goes out of her way to make sure all of her riders do well and have fun. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a riding instructor. ~ Brittany
My son jacob has severe learning disabilities. Such children frequently suffer from self esteem issues. We were blessed to find Cindy and as a result to realize Jacob's love for horses. She has been instrumental in boosting Jacob's self esteem as she has worked lovingly and patiently with him. ~ Kathy

We have had Cindy do both horse training and riding lessens. She is very informative and
helpful. She helps with both horse and people problems. She goes out of her way to do things she does not have to do, out of kindness, whether it be a haul of a horse, a problem you can't handle, or an educational field trip to a training seminar or clinic. My daughters enjoy her company, and working with her. They also have a good time while they are learning from the experience, and appreciate the much needed help. People have noticed and commented the change in one who is more confident about herself, and the other who is now more confident around the horse. They are happy to have someone who can be both instructional and educational, yet down to earth and pleasant to work with.
We are happy with, and hope to keep working with Cindy in the future ~ Bonnie