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Customer Agreement and Indemnification Form

The parties to this Agreement are Whoa Nellie Equine Services LLC(“The Company”) and ________________________  (“the Customer”); and

The company hereby agrees to perform the following services for the Customer, (circled):

Riding lessons Horse training by session Monthly horse training Arabian Stud Service

And the Customer agrees to pay the Company $______ for said services.

The Company does not guarantee any results from said services, but shall nonetheless perform all services/work in a quality, workmanlike manner.

Payment from the Customer to the Company shall be paid in cash or personal check.

Customer acknowledges the inherent risks which are involved in any activity involving equines.  The risks may include but are not limited to, damage to property, illness, bodily injury, trauma or death.  Customer understands both equine and rider can be injured in the normal course of training, competing, and pleasure riding and therefore agrees to hold harmless Company and its’ affiliates for any liability for damages, injury or death irrespective of location. 

Furthermore, Customer agrees to hold the Company harmless for any damages that may result for the foregoing services that Customer has contracted the Company to perform.    In the event that any dispute arises out of this Agreement and the related services hereto, the parties agree that said dispute shall be submitted to binding arbitration.  If the parties are unable to mutually agree upon an arbitrator, one shall be appointed via the American Arbitration Association.  The laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall govern any disputes regarding this Agreement.


Participation is voluntary and Customer assumes all risks associated with equine activities.  Warning: You assume the risk of equine activities pursuant to Pennsylvania law.


The parties acknowledge that there has been no fraud, overreaching, coercion, or other unfair dealings on the part of the other in entering this Agreement of Indemnification.

This document is the entire Agreement between the parties and any changes hereto must be made in writing and consented by both parties.

_______________________________ _______________________________

Cynthia Jewart, Owner/Operator Customer/Participant Signature

Whoa Nellie Equine Services LLC (If under 18, Parental/Guardian signature required)

Date: _________ Date: _________


Parental/ Guardian Signature

Date: _________